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Every Contribution Builds More Than Just Homes.

Join us in our mission to provide stability, strength, and self-reliance through shelter. Your donation to Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County directly impacts families in need, enabling them to build a brighter, more secure future.

Why Donate to Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County

Explore Diverse Ways to Support Our Mission

Your generosity can take many forms, each making a unique impact in our community. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation, set up recurring support, honor a loved one, or leverage employer matching, your contribution fuels our mission to build homes and hope. Discover the various ways you can give and find the one that aligns with your desire to make a difference. Your support is a cornerstone of our ability to transform lives in Wicomico County.

Your Support is an Investment in A Family's Future

Did you know that your gift does much more than help families escape from unsafe, unhealthy living conditions?

By helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County, you are helping families right here in our community to break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial security. Habitat’s affordable, no-profit house payments free up money for food, child care, medicine and other necessities. And research has shown that decent housing improves health, increases children’s educational achievement and strengthens community ties.

While the vast majority of Americans feel stable and secure in their current situation, housing insecurity touches nearly half of adults at some point in their lives. A majority of Americans believe that it is challenging to find affordable quality housing in their communities and more than half of all adults say they have made at least one trade-off in order to cover their rent or mortgage. Such trade-offs may include taking second jobs, cutting back on health care and healthy food, and moving to less safe neighborhoods.

Families paying too high a percentage of their income for housing often find themselves making impossible choices. Rent or health care? Food or transportation?

Your assistance in helping to provide a decent and affordable place to live helps families by freeing them from such physical and mental hardships and placing them on a path of new opportunity and increased confidence and self-reliance. A family’s partnership with Habitat means they have a stable place to live and to spend time together. An affordable mortgage or small loan means they have a chance to create savings and invest in their education. Your assistance in placing a decent roof over their heads establishes home as a place that protects — instead of endangering — their health.

Your support means that these families have the strength, stability, and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Thank you.

Financial Statements for Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County may be found on this website. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, 16 Francis Street, Annapolis MD 21061, (410) 974-5521.

Below are Ways to Support Us

One-Time Donation

Make an immediate impact with a single contribution.

Monthly Giving

Become a cornerstone of support with a recurring donation.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Honor a friend or a loved one with a donation in their name. Consider this alternative gift idea for loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, or any other holiday. Acknowledgements of your gift are sent to the honoree.

Employer Matching

Double the impact of your gift.
Many companies offer match funding for contributions you make through your paycheck. Contact your employer to see if they participate.

Donate a Car

Donate your vehicle to Habitat for Humanity's Car Donation Program, Cars for Homes, and help build strength and stability for families in our communities.

In-kind Donation

In-kind donations are materials and services donated by businesses and tradesmen. This can include gifts of real property.

Women Build Sponsorship

It costs an average of $2,000 for one day of construction. With rising costs, your help is needed now, more than ever. Sponsorship of a Women Build brings multiple areas of recognition for you and your business, as well as the sense of satisfaction of knowing that every dollar raised goes directly to purchasing construction materials for hardworking families in need.

Amplify Your Impact

See How Your Donation Helps

Every dollar you donate to Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County paves the way for transformative change. Your support goes beyond the construction of walls and roofs; it builds the foundation for families to grow, thrive, and contribute to their communities. From securing bricks for new homes to installing windows that let in light and hope, your contribution has a lasting impact. Witness how your generosity transforms lives and fosters a stronger, more united community.

Your Contributions, Your Impact.

$50 = 5 lbs. Nails

$50 purchases a 5 lb. box of nails.

$75 = Window

$75 purchases a window.

$100 = Box of Roof Shingles

$100 covers the cost of a box of roof shingles.

$100 = Kitchen Sink

$100 covers the cost of a kitchen sink.

$250 = Front Door

$250 covers the cost of a front door.

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