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Support Our Mission Through In-kind Donations

Your in-kind donations are crucial in helping us build and maintain affordable housing in our community. By donating materials, services, or expertise, you directly contribute to the construction and upkeep of homes, as well as support our operational needs.

Why Donate to Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County

What Can You Donate?

Whether you’re clearing out your workspace, upgrading equipment, or wanting to do something positive with a plot of land you no longer need, your in-kind donations play a pivotal role in supporting our efforts. From building materials to office equipment, your contributions help us continue our mission efficiently and effectively. If we can’t use it on our job site, we can sell it in our ReStore to financially support our mission.

Building Materials

Everything from nails and lumber to full HVAC systems.

Professional Services

Whether you're a tradesperson or a business owner, your skills can drive our projects forward.

Home Goods and Appliances

Items in good condition can be sold at our ReStore to fund future projects.

Amplify Your Impact

See How Your Donation Helps

Every dollar you donate to Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County paves the way for transformative change. Your support goes beyond the construction of walls and roofs; it builds the foundation for families to grow, thrive, and contribute to their communities. From securing bricks for new homes to installing windows that let in light and hope, your contribution has a lasting impact. Witness how your generosity transforms lives and fosters a stronger, more united community.

Your Contributions, Your Impact.

$50 = 5 lbs. Nails

$50 purchases a 5 lb. box of nails.

$75 = Window

$75 purchases a window.

$100 = Box of Roof Shingles

$100 covers the cost of a box of roof shingles.

$100 = Kitchen Sink

$100 covers the cost of a kitchen sink.

$250 = Front Door

$250 covers the cost of a front door.

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