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Meet Grover & Carolyn Weatherbe

Grover and Carolyn Weatherbe Receive Home Repairs Through Habitat’s Critical Home Repair Program

Stories of Hope and Home

Grover & Carolyn Weatherbe

Grover Weatherbe, a Vietnam Veteran, and his wife Carolyn have been living in their home for 11 years. Over those years, their home has hosted many special moments, including big barbeques and parties with friends and family. It is no doubt that the Weatherbe’s love living in their home.

Grover has been living in Somerset County since he was 6 years old. When his parents passed away, they left him the property that he and his wife now live on.

As the Weatherbe’s enjoy their time in retirement, they also deserve to enjoy living in their home without any worry. Unfortunately, worry is what they felt when their roof began leaking, floors started sinking, and their windows and doors no longer provided adequate insulation.

“I worried about it all the time because I knew I couldn’t afford it,” Grover said. “She [Carolyn] kept asking me about it but I said we have to wait, I can’t afford it.”

The Weatherbe’s decided to apply to Wicomico Habitat’s Critical Home

In their own words...

“I was so happy. I thank God every day”
Carolyn Weatherbe

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